Type Dark/Ice
Unlockability Starter
Style Speed

Weavile is the Dark/Ice Pokémon known as the Sharp Claw Pokémon and is also a playable Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament. It is the evolved form of Sneasel. Weavile was introduced to Pokkén Tournament upon it's initial release in Japan on arcade.

In Pokkén Tournament Edit

Weavile is classified as a speed type fighter, making it amongst the fastest of the playable Pokémon. It has the unique ability to create ice platforms midair which can help it in battle.

Move ListEdit


Name Notes Damage
A Agility Functions as a dodge. Can transition into Fury Swipes if X or A is pressed three times or Fake Out if Y is pressed. 122 (Fury Swipes), 20 (Fake Out)
Forward + A Knock Off Can be cancelled with R. Reduces opponent's Synergy Gauge. 80
Back + A Night Slash Can be cancelled with R. Chargeable. 92
A (Midair) Icicle Crash Can transition into a jump with B or a nosedive with R. 0
Up + A (Duel Phase) Ice Punch Can transition into a chargeable followup if A is pressed or held. Followup pierces counters at full charge. 60 (Hit 1), 60-120 (Hit 2)
Down + A (Duel Phase) Taunt ~ Night Slash A counter that weakens opponent's Synergy Gauge. Can be cancelled with R. Chargeable. 121
Burst Attack Sonic Slash Pierces counters. Reduces opponent's Synergy Gauge. 166

Version historyEdit


  • Hitstun of Icicle Crash ~ Signal Slash increased.
  • Taunt ~ Night Slash has less invincibility.
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