A promotional image for version N01.

Version N01 was an update released for the arcade version of Pokkén Tournament on February 9th, 2016. Most notably, it made Chandelure available as a Battle Pokémon.


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  • Reduced guard bar recovery length.
  • Reduced bonus Synergy Gauge gain on guard break.
  • Reset combo damage after Synergy Burst used.
  • Fixed not being able to hit during turning motion in Duel Phase and there being a point where grab attacks were unavoidable.
  • Fixed bug during guard breaks where one side was able to move or perform certain ranged Support Pokémon attacks when neither side is supposed to be able to move.

Battle PokémonEdit


  • Weak Attack damage reduced.
  • Strong Attack damage reduced.
  • Forward Strong Attack knocks the opponent further away and has an increased hit count.
  • Down Strong Attack given more pushback on block and increased combo ability when it serves as a critical hit.
  • Midair Aura Sphere deals more damage, has a modified fall spead, and has a modified trajectory in Duel Phase.
  • Bone Rush can now miss opponents guarding near the wall in Field Phase.


  • Range of back ranged attack increased.
  • Fall speed after aerial ranged attack increased.
  • Down weak attack's animation during Synergy Burst standardized and no longer knocks opponents down.
  • Volt Tackle damage reduced during Synergy Burst.


  • Endlag of backward dash increased.
  • Counterattack fixed to hit during middle of move.
  • Damage of aerial grab attack reduced.
  • Speed of homing attack reduced.
  • Forward strong attack changed to deal less damage and not knock opponents into mid-air.
  • Aerial strong attack damage reduced.
  • Karate Chop given more pushback on block and less range.
  • Heavy Slam changed to hit during rise with damage and pushback adjusted.
  • Close Combat made easier to connect with against opponents pushed against a wall.


  • Counter recovers more slowly on block.
  • Given ability to float after using aerial weak attack.
  • Back strong attack made more difficult to break guards with and deals reduced combo damage.
  • Down strong attack given ability to break guards, increased range, and increased speed.
  • Moonblast guaranteed to transition into Duel Phase.
  • Moonblast deals reduced block damage during Synergy Burst.