Updates are a method of modifying a game via downloads that change the game's code significantly. Pokkén Tournament has received numerous updates on both the arcade and Wii U versions.

List of UpdatesEdit


VersionRelease dateDescription
J04October 30th, 2015Added boss battles with Shadow Mewtwo.
K05November 19th, 2015Added additional avatar customization options and a new segment in the opening movie.
L09December 17th, 2015Added Sceptile as a playable character, Farfetch'd and Electrode as support Pokémon, and additional avatar customization options.
N01February 9th, 2016Added Chandelure as a playable character, Rotom and Togekiss as support Pokémon, and additional avatar customization options.
O01March 10th, 2016Added Dragonite and Victini as well as additional avatar customization options. Grabs no longer guaranteed to work on shield break.
Q04May 26th, 2016Added Croagunk and Sylveon as well as additional avatar customization options. Adjusted Mewtwo to avoid unintentionally early cancels.
A14July 20th, 2016Added Shadow Mewtwo, Braixen, Garchomp, and Darkrai as playable characters. Added Reshiram and Cresselia as Support Pokémon. Added Mission Panel mode and expanded the Tutorial mode. Made significant balance changes.
C07September 15th, 2016Added Victini and Dragonite as Support Pokémon as well as new costumes.

Wii UEdit

VersionRelease dateDescription
1.1March 15th, 2016Allowed players to use Online modes.
1.2April 12th, 2016Removed Shadow Mewtwo's infinite combo and adjusted Reshiram in addition to bugfixes.
1.3June 15th, 2016Made significant balance changes affecting all battle Pokémon and several support Pokémon.

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