Shadow Mewtwo
Shadow Mewtwo
Classification Unknown (Formerly the Genetic Pokémon)
Type N/A
Implied Gender Genderless
Style Technique
HP 480
Synergy Gauge Size 100CC
Stance Effects High: Charges Synergy Gauge.

Low: Counter Armor against Low Attacks.

Unlockability Unlocked by beating Shadow Mewtwo boss battle (WiiU)

Starter (DX and Arcade)

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Shadow Mewtwo is one of two unlockable fighters in Pokkén Tournament (the other being Mewtwo) and an alternate form of Mewtwo, created when it absorbed the energy of the Shadow Synergy Stone. It can be unlocked by beating the Chroma League or by using the Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo Card, a special card distributed in the first run of Pokkén Tournament. It made its debut in Pokkén Tournament, meaning it has no type or Pokémon classification. However, in the DX version and the Arcade version of Pokkén Tournament, it is unlockable as a starter Pokémon. This makes as a cruel irony as it is possible to defeat the Shadow Mewtwo bosses in the game using Shadow Mewtwo.

In Pokkén Tournament Edit

Shadow Mewtwo has extremely high damage output, especially in its many boss battles (in which it can have upwards of 1000 HP). Its defense, however, is extremely lacking, making Shadow Mewtwo a glass cannon. This is further supported with its HP count in regular battles, the single lowest in the game, 480. Shadow Mewtwo's fighting style is similar to some of the final bosses from Soul Calibur and Tekken franchises, such as Unknown.

Special Characteristics Edit

Pokemon Move HP Draining Edit

Similar to Mewtwo, Shadow Mewtwo also drains resources while attacking with Pokemon Moves, however instead of draining the user's Synergy Gauge, it drains the user's HP instead. Shadow Mewtwo already has the lowest HP in the game and has significant ending lag on all of its attacks, so this makes Shadow Mewtwo incredibly vulnerable in most instances. However, this damage can only reduce the user's HP to 1. It is also one of the only Pokemon in the game to have an effective healing move, Recover (Hold A).

Recover Edit

Recover is one of Shadow Mewtwo's Pokemon Moves. It is activated by holding A and then releasing once the user has a charged aura around it. It is one of the only moves in the game to heal HP without draining the opponent's, and this is direly needed for Shadow Mewtwo as it has one of the lowest HP counts in the game. Like all other charging moves, as long as the button is held down it will still record the charge timer, regardless if you are attacking or in a freeze state. This makes it useful as an after-counter move in duel phase or while the opponent is knocked down.

Miracle Eye Edit

Miracle Eye is another one of Shadow Mewtwo's Pokemon Moves. It is activated by pressing Back + A in either duel phase or field phase. It has the capability of enhancing or "reactivating" particular moves in battle, most notably the electric balls of Shadow Mewtwo's Ranged Attack, the boomerangs of the Side Ranged Attack, or the pillars of energy used in the Backwards Ranged Attack or the Forwards Weak Attack. The interesting property of Miracle Eye is that it is capable of reactivating the attacks even after they have made contact with the opponent and dissipated. It has various effects on different moves.

When a move is reactivated, it simply means that even after the move has hit, it will still come back and hit twice, if Miracle Eye is used in a certain amount of time after the original attack.

Move Default Effect Miracle Eye
Backwards Ranged Attack Sends out a pillar of energy. Radius of pillar is expanded, damage output is higher.
Ranged Attack Fires several small yellow orbs. Links into Forwards Ranged Attack. Orbs will freeze temporarily, then aim for the opponent's current location. Note that they will not home in.
Side Ranged Attack Fires three boomerang-like objects consisting of purple energy. Links up to Forward Ranged Attack. Boomerangs will turn into immobile circled panels. Will last awhile before dissipating.
Forward Weak Attack Summons blue energy in the shape of a punch and a pillar, the former of which combos into the other. The pillar will expand in radius and deal increased knockback and damage. It will also edge a little more towards the opponent. Can be used as an infinite combo sequence if done correctly.

Synergy Burst Edit

Aesthetics Edit

Asthetically, Shadow Mewtwo will transform into a Shadow Mewtwo version of the usual Mega Mewtwo X, with a seemingly broader posture and a more muscular appearance. However, orange shards of the shadow synergy stone will now shove up all across Shadow Mewtwo's body, and orange veins will course along the body, arms and legs. Purple energy now surrounds Shadow Mewtwo, and the outline of Shadow Mewtwo will occasionally pulse a cyan colour.

Burst Attack - Dark Nova Edit

Dark Nova is one of the most potent burst attacks in the game. It's a Normal burst attack, meaning that it bypasses counters and grabs, and can be blocked. Despite being easily blocked, it is quite difficult to avoid, and its hitbox covers a large area, roughly the size of Neos City. It starts with Shadow Mewtwo charging and releasing a storm of purple energy. If this attack is sucessful, it then teleports into the outer atmosphere of the earth. There, Shadow Mewtwo charges a massive ball of purple energy and hurls it towards the opponent, exploding into a supernova of purple energy. The combo counter displays 9999 after the attack, and Shadow Mewtwo then teleports back onto the battlefield. This attack deals 250 damage in total, making it an effective and deadly finisher.

Move ListEdit

Standard movesEdit

Input Description Damage
Grab Attack Psychokinetically grabs the opponent, then releases psychic ripples before attacking with psychic energy. (Field Phase)

Psychokinetically grabs the opponent, before sending the target airborne and ending the attack with an energy-infused shove. (Duel Phase)

61 (Field Phase) ~90 (Duel Phase)
Counter Attack Shadow Mewtwo thrusts forward surrounded in an orb of purple energy. 80-95
Ranged Attack Shadow Mewtwo fires several small yellow orbs of energy. Links up to Forward Ranged Attack. Can be cancelled with a Pokémon move. 51
Side Ranged Attack Shadow Mewtwo fires three boomerang-like objects consisting of purple energy. Links up to Forward Ranged Attack. Can be cancelled with a Pokémon move. Stops opponent. 51
Forward Ranged Attack Shadow Mewtwo lunges at the opponent while slashing with fire and ice blades. Guarantees a Phase Shift. 113
Backward Ranged Attack Shadow Mewtwo sends out a pillar of energy. 40
Jumping Ranged Attack Shadow Mewtwo launches three balls of purple energy diagonally downward. Can be cancelled with a Pokémon move. 51
Homing Attack Shadow Mewtwo summons blue energy in the shape of a punch then kicks, then fires a purple-colored tornado. Can be cancelled with R or B. Overcomes blocks and counters when fully-charged. 140-208
Jumping Attack Shadow Mewtwo dashes midair towards the opponent, then drills downward feet first. Chargeable. 81-101
Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo fires two bursts of energy. Can be cancelled with a Pokémon move 101
Forward Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo summons blue energy in the shape of a punch and a pillar, the former of which combos into the other. 108
High Stance Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo kicks upward then forward. Chargeable. 82-102
Low Stance Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo crouches and slashes twice with fire and ice blades. Can be cancelled with a Pokémon move. 49
Midair Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo surrounds itself in purple energy. Can be cancelled with a Pokémon move. 53
Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo lunges forward and slashes the opponent with blades of fire and ice. 93
Forward Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo lunges at the opponent. Can be cancelled with Pokémon moves or by jumping. 61
Backward Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo fires blue energy from its palms. 63
High Stance Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo fires a pulse of electricity. 61
Low Stance Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo performs a sliding kick. 61
Midair Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo performs a drill kick. Pierces counters if charged. Useful for combos as its hitstun is relatively high. 81

Pokémon movesEdit


Name Notes Damage
A Psywave Properties depend on input:

  • Blast is activated by pressing A again. This damages Shadow Mewtwo, but stops the opponent.
  • Vortex is activated by pressing X. It is a counter that damages Shadow Mewtwo and pierces other counters.
  • Slash is activated by pressing Y three times. It damages Shadow Mewtwo.
  • A Slash to Blast combo is activated by pressing Y, then A, and a Slash to Blast to Vortex combo is activated by pressing Y, then X.
  • Teleport is activated by pressing R. This can serve as a followup to Slash.
121 (Blast), 162 (Vortex), 129 (Slash), 116 (Slash ~ Blast), 176 (Slash ~ Blast ~ Vortex), 32 (Slash ~ Teleport)
Charge and release A Recover Heals HP. 0
Forward + A Zen Headbutt Damages Shadow Mewtwo. 83
Back + A Miracle Eye Damages Shadow Mewtwo and modifies the properties of some attacks. 0
A (Midair) Reflect A counter. Can be followed up with Flamethrower using A, Thunder with X, or Earthquake with Y. 85 (Flamethrower), 101 (Thunder), 125 (Earthquake)
Up + A (Duel Phase) Psystrike A can be pressed multiple times to result in a combo. Special timing of pressing A can be applied to the move to deal up to 60% more damage. For more info click Link Here 63 (First hit), 8-27 (Second hit), 36-80 (Third hit)
Down + A (Duel Phase) Teleport The only Teleport move that deals self-damage. 0
Burst Attack Dark Nova Pierces counters. Deals most damage at close range. 250

Version HistoryEdit


  • Backward ranged attack has more endlag before the player can use Miracle Eye and is cancelled entirely if the move is used again.
  • Backward ranged attack is now a multihit move.
  • Miracle Eye has more pushback.
  • Dark Nova has less range.


  • Counter can lead into more combos while in Burst Mode.
  • Back ranged attack has increased hitstun and transitions into Miracle Eye more easily.
  • Back ranged attack ~ Miracle Eye hitstun increased.
  • Startup and endlag of midair ranged attack increased.
  • Homing attack deals less hits during the second portion of the move.
  • Back midair dash modified to offer less time to interrupt the move.
  • Recoil damage from Vortex increased and damage on guarding opponents decreased.
  • Endlag on Recover decreased.
  • Recoil damage from Miracle Eye increased.
  • Thunder combos modified to work on airborne opponents.
  • Earthquake made easier to block.
  • Duration of Synergy Burst reduced.


Trivia Edit

  • Shadow Mewtwo was created specifically for Pokken Tournament by the developers at Bandai Namco, who ultimately had its inclusion in the game approved by The Pokemon Company.
  • Curiously, both its English and Japanese names (Shadow Mewtwo and Dark Mewtwo, respectively) happen to be identical to the term used by the Pokemon Colosseum series to refer to Pokemon whose hearts have been artificially shut in both English and Japanese. In particular, Mewtwo's transition from a largely white colour scheme to a largely purple one, in tandem with spiked protrusions appearing on its body strongly resemble the Shadow Lugia that appeared in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.
  • Shadow Mewtwo's burst attack is the only one not to show the opponent in the animation.
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