Type Grass
Unlockability Starter
Style Speed

Sceptile is a pure Grass type Pokémon that evolves from Grovyle and the final form of Treecko, it is a playable Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament. It (alongside Blaziken) is one of the Hoenn starter Pokémon.

In Pokkén Tournament Edit

It is classified as a speed type fighter, making him amongst the fastest of the playable Pokémon. He is abnormally slow compared to the other speed types but he makes up for this in his above average power (for a speed type). He can place down Bullet Seeds, which sprout over time and deal damage to the opponent.

Move ListEdit


Name Notes Damage
A Bullet Seed The seeds do not actually activate until A is pressed again. Trajectory can be modified in Field Phase with the D-Pad. 44
Forward + A Leaf Blade Functions as a counter. Stops opponent. Can combo into Dragon Breath if A is pressed twice more during Synergy Burst. 101 (regular), 118 (Synergy Burst with Dragon Breath)
Back + A Detect Acts as a counter that activates on hit. Holding A puts Sceptile into a hanging motion. Lowers Opponent's defense. 32
A (Midair) Leech Seed Absorbs HP. Cannot KO. 38
Up + A (Duel Phase) Leaf Storm Only hits opponents in midair. Lowers Sceptile's Attack. Increases Synergy Gauge. 163
Down + A (Duel Phase) Giga Drain Functions as a grab. Can transition into a dash step before the attack if R and a side direction on the D-Pad are pressed. Absorbs opponent's HP and Synergy Gauge. 28
Burst Attack Forest's Flash Pierces counters. Deals most damage at close range. 211

Version historyEdit


  • Strong attack made to guard break less easily.
  • Bullet Seed grows faster.
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