Pokkén Tournament DX is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch, set for release on September 22, 2017. It is an upgraded version of Pokkén Tournament.


Characters in Pokkén Tournament
BlazikenBraixenChandelureCharizardCroagunkDarkraiDecidueyeEmpoleonGarchompGardevoirGengarLucarioMachampMewtwoPikachuPikachu LibreSceptileScizorShadow MewtwoSuicuneWeavile
Unlockable characters in the Wii U version in italics. Characters not in the Wii U version in bold.

Compared to the Wii U edition, Pokkén Tournament DX adds in five new characters, four of which were previously seen in arcades. Decidueye has also been added as an exclusive character to this version of this game.

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