Old Ferrum Town
Dimensions 12m by 20m
Spawn Distance 9m
Availability Starter

For the stage with a similar name and set in the same location, see Old Ferrum Town (Winter).

Old Ferrum Town is one of the stages in Pokkén Tournament.


Old Ferrum Town is decidedly unique, as it is oriented in a completely different direction than other oval stages - the axis that the spawn distance lies upon is the shorter one. The spawn distance itself is also relatively high, being 75% of the short axis.

Synergy Gauge SpawnsEdit


Spawn LocationSpawns per field phaseAmount of SynergyInterval length
Each end of the stage32-5 Small10s


Event typeAmount of Synergy
Phase shift1-4 Small
Final round1 Large


A historic old town, known as the "City of Water", with a nostalgic atmosphere. It features many famous landmarks, such as a large park, an arched gate and a clock tower.