For a stage with a similar name, Neos City.

Neos City (Night)
Dimensions 20m by 20m
Spawn Distance 13m
Availability Unlockable

Neos City (Night) is one of the stages in Pokkén Tournament.


Unlike its sister stage, the Night version of Neos City is one of the largest stages in the game and a relatively long spawn distance. However, it is regular in shape and has a normal Synergy Gauge Spawn pattern.

Synergy Gauge SpawnsEdit


Spawn LocationSpawns per field phaseAmount of SynergyInterval length
Between characters34-5 Small10s


EventAmount of Synergy
Phase Shift1-4 Small
Final Round1 Large


The largest city in the Ferrum Region. At night it gives off a more sophisticated atmosphere. The rain puddles on the road reflect the endlessly shining neon signs.