HP 600
Type Psychic
Unlockability Unlockable
Style Standard

Mewtwo is a pure psychic type Pokémon and one of the two unlockable playable Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament (The other being Shadow Mewtwo). He can be unlocked by beating the Red League and then beating the series of events that follow, ending in a battle with Shadow Mewtwo. He is one of the only man-made Pokémon in the series. Mewtwo was initially exclusive to the Wii U version, but was added to the arcade version via an event in May 2016.

In Pokkén TournamentEdit

Mewtwo is classified as a standard fighter. It has a somewhat high 600 HP. In High Stance, it slowly recharges its Synergy Gauge. He has a unique gimmick to him, his moves consume his synergy gauge. This can make it quite hard to transition into burst mode as you are constantly using up synergy to protect yourself or damage your enemy.

It is a semiclone of Shadow Mewtwo, sharing roughly half of its moves with it.

With balance updates, Mewtwo has been overwhelmingly nerfed, primarily in the form of making its Pokémon moves more risky. Some of its ranged attacks have also been made more punishable.

The regular version of Mewtwo has some Kazuya Mishima inspired moves, while the Shadow version fights similiar to Algol from the Soul Calibur franchise.

Move ListEdit


Name Notes Damage
A Psycho Cut Can transition into a follow-up attack if A is pressed again. 57 (Hit 1), 48 (Follow-up)
Forward + A

Hyper Beam

Consumes Synergy Gauge. Pierces counters. Trajectory can be modified with the D-Pad. Transitions into Teleport if B is pressed during the attack.

Back + A Barrier

Functions as a counter. Consumes Synergy Gauge. Can transition into Confusion (another counter) with A, Telekenesis (a grab) with Y, Drain Punch (a healing attack) with X, or Teleport with B.

30 (Barrier), 30 (Confusion), 60 (Drain Punch)

A (Midair) Focus Blast Chargeable. Consumes Synergy Gauge. 70-120
Up + A (Duel Phase) Psystrike Consumes Synergy Gauge and resists hitstun. Can become a combo attack if A is pressed multiple times. 19 (Hit 1), 18 (Hit 2), 36 (Hit 3)
Down + A, A (Duel Phase) Fire Punch ~ Ice Punch A counter. Consumes Synergy Gauge. Lowers opponent's attack in Synergy Burst. Can transition into Thunder Punch (which lowers opponent's defense in Synergy Burst) if A is pressed again. 140 (Fire Punch and Ice Punch), 70 (Thunder Punch)
Burst Attack Psydisas-ter Functions as a grab. 241

Version historyEdit


  • Confusion's hitbox made smaller.
  • Jumping attack can now be countered for a critical hit and has less range.


  • Point where Flame Pillar can be cancelled delayed.


  • Timing of Mewtwo's Synergy Gauge decrease during counter changed.
  • Range of forward ranged attack reduced.
  • Backward ranged attack made slower and can now be stopped by Pokémon attacks.
  • Homing attack deals less hits during the second portion of the move.
  • Drain Punch increases Synergy Gauge further on first hit
  • All Pokémon Attacks drain Mewtwo's Synergy Gauge further.
  • Barrier made slower.
  • Confusion made easier to block.
  • Invincibility after missing Burst Attack reduced.
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