Pt lucario
Type Fighting/Steel
Unlockability Starter
Style Balanced

Lucario is a Fighting/Steel-type classified as an Aura Pokémon. This Pokemon evolves from Riolu and has the potential to Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario. Lucario was one of the first fighters confirmed to be in the game along with Machamp and was introduced to Pokkén Tournament upon it's initial release in Japan on arcade.

In Pokkén Tournament Edit

Lucario is one of the most balanced characters in the game. It has the third highest HP count in the game (600, the same as Blaziken and Charizard) and has a decent ranged and melee game. It attacks opponents with Aura Sphere and assaults enemies with Bone Rush when at close-quarters. It also has the ability to pierce counters and break guards. It also borrows a lot of moves from Lars Alexandersson, one of the main characters of the Tekken franchise.


Standard movesEdit

Input Description Damage
Grab Attack 80 (Field Phase), 90 (Duel Phase)
Counter Attack Lucario performs a stance, then thrusts at the opponent. 60-90
Ranged Attack Lucario fires a small ball of energy at the opponent. Can cancel into a Pokémon move. Links with Forward Ranged Attack. 40
Side Ranged Attack Lucario fires a large boomerang-shaped beam of energy. 40
Forward Ranged Attack Lucario lunges forward in a kick position. Guaranteed phase shift. 50
Backward Ranged Attack A circular blast of energy launches itself from Lucario. 80
Jumping Ranged Attack Lucario kicks, sending out a beam of energy. 56
Homing Attack Lucario punches twice, whips its tail while crouching, then lunges forward. Can be cancelled with R or B. 60
Jumping Attack Lucario drills downward feet first. 90
Weak Attack Lucario punches, kicks, then lunges forward. Y can be pressed again to transition into Force Palm. 20 (Hit 1), 16 (Hit 2), 28 (Hit 3)
Forward Weak Attack Lucario punches then lunges forward. Second hit is stronger if delayed. 94
High Stance Weak Attack Lucario holds its arm slightly upwards and releases a blast of energy. 56
Low Stance Weak Attack Lucario crouches and releases a small beam of energy. Can be cancelled into a Pokémon move. Transitions into Bone Rush if Y is pressed again. 30
Midair Weak Attack Lucario kicks. 30
Strong Attack Lucario sends a beam of energy through the ground into the air. 88
Forward Strong Attack Lucario thrusts forward. Chargeable. Can be cancelled into a Pokémon move. Transitions into Aura Sphere if X is pressed again. 40-89
High Stance Strong Attack Lucario performs an overhead kick. 60
Low Stance Strong Attack Lucario performs a crouching kick. 60
Midair Strong Attack Lucario performs a drill kick. 60

Pokémon movesEdit

Input Name Description Damage
A Aura Sphere Lucario fires a blast of energy from its hands. Stops opponent when fully charged. Can be cancelled with B while in Synergy Burst. 40-72 (Ground), 45 (Air)
Forward + A Bone Rush Lucario dashes at the opponent with a bone in its hand. Transitions into an upward swing when A is pressed and a downward swing when Y is pressed. 45 (Bone rush), 30 (Upward swing), 60 (Downward swing)
Back + A Force Palm Lucario thrusts at the opponent and produces a blast of yellow energy. Guard Breaks when fully charged. Has a followup in Synergy Burst when A is pressed. 140-200 (regular), 176 (Synergy Burst)
Up + A Extreme Speed Lucario rushes into the air. Serves as a counter. Has a followup in Synergy Burst if A is pressed again. 94 (regular), 164 (Synergy Burst)
Burst Attack Aura Blast Pierces counters. 202

Version historyEdit


  • Weak Attack damage reduced.
  • Strong Attack damage reduced.
  • Forward Strong Attack knocks the opponent further away and has an increased hit count.
  • Down Strong Attack given more pushback on block and increased combo ability when it serves as a critical hit.
  • Midair Aura Sphere deals more damage, has a modified fall spead, and has a modified trajectory in Duel Phase.
  • Bone Rush can now miss opponents guarding near the wall in Field Phase.


  • Forward strong attack shield pressure reduced.
  •  Bone Rush ~ Downward Swing Follow-up damage decreased.
  • Glitch fixed that causes Support Pokémon to be unable to be called after Burst Attack.


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