Hit Points (HP for short) represent the amount of damage a fighter can take before being knocked out. HP can differ from fighter to fighter, the highest HP count in the game belongs to Machamp and Garchomp (660) whilst the lowest belongs to Shadow Mewtwo (480). HP can be recovered in two ways. The first way to recover HP is to use a support Pokémon such as Eevee to recover HP. The second way is to cause a Phase Shift. Some moves such as Gengar's Duel Phase grab can recover HP whilst some moves such as Blaziken's High Jump can damage them. The amount of HP a fighter can recover is represented by recoverable HP. Recoverable HP is represented by a dark green bar alongside the fighters green HP bar. Recoverable HP can be reduced by causing a Phase Shift.

Fighter HP Count Edit

Character HP
Shadow Mewtwo 480
Chandelure 510
Gengar 510
Braixen 540
Croagunk 540
Darkrai 540
Gardevoir 540
Weavile 540
Decidueye 570
Pikachu 570
Pikachu Libre 570
Sceptile 570
Blaziken 600
Charizard 600
Lucario 600
Mewtwo 600
Scizor 600
Empoleon 630
Suicune 630
Garchomp 660
Machamp 660