A Grab Attack is a mechanic that grabs the opponent on a close range and causes a Phase Shift upon completing a grab animation. By default, Grabs can be performed by pressing Y + B. All Pokémon have the ability to perform a standard Grab Attack, and each have a unique attack animation for Field and Duel Phase.

Grab Attacks are specifically designed to stop Counter Attacks and overcome blocks. A Pokémon performing a Grab will glow in a green color, with a small green vortex appearing in front of them. Any Pokémon who is not attacking can be grabbed upon contact with a Grab Attack.

Interaction with the Attack Triangle Edit

Counter Attacks Edit

If a fighter grabs an opponent performing a Counter Attack, the grabber is rewarded with a Critical Hit upon contact. By extension, this requires the grab to successfully connect to a Pokémon. Should a Counter hit strike first, the grabber goes into hit stun, because performing a Grab Attack does not make a fighter immune to getting hit by Counter Attacks.

Do note that Critical Hits are not rewarded when grabbing a fighter who is blocking.

Normal Attacks Edit

All Normal Attacks have the ability to crush grabs by default, rewarding a Critical Hit. If a grab fails, the opponent will glow red. In some cases, Grab Attacks can cancel Normal Attacks if the latter hits the opponent early in their attack animation, essentially resetting the situation. It is important to note however, that some Normal Attacks will successfully crush grabs regardless how far a Pokémon is from their start-up attack animation.

Despite as such, Pokémon are only resistant to grabs at their start-up attack animation. Once their attack becomes active, they lose the ability to resist grabs. This is easily noticeable for grabs with a longer distance than usual.

Command Grabs Edit

Like Counter Attacks, Grab Attacks are not the only moves that share its unique properties and there are moves with Grab properties, and are known as Command Grabs.

Pokémon Attack(s)
Chandelure Hex
Charizard Seismic Toss
Darkrai Dream Eater
Decidueye Acrobatics
Empoleon Deep Blue Monarch (Synergy Burst)
Garchomp Sand Tomb
Gengar Shadow Drop (Synergy Burst)
Machamp Submission
Mewtwo Telekinesis, Psydisaster (Synergy Burst)
Pikachu Libre Electroweb
Sceptile Giga Drain
Scizor Bug Bite