Ferrum Dojo
Dimensions 18m by 18m
Spawn Distance 9m
Availability Starter

Ferrum Dojo is one of the stages in Pokkén Tournament. It is featured heavily in Practice mode.


Ferrum Dojo is a fairly balanced stage, being a perfect circle and having the distance between fighters at spawn set to exactly half of the stage's diameter. However, it is somewhat above-average in size, with a diameter of 18m.

Synergy Gauge SpawnsEdit


Spawn LocationSpawns per field phaseAmount of SynergyInterval length
Between players34-5 Small10s


Event typeAmount of Synergy
Phase shift1-4 Small
Final round1 Large


The venerable Ferrum Dojo, host to daily training and offical tournaments alike. Holy ground to Battle Pokemon and trainers seeking to improve themselves.