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A Gengar absorbing a opponent's attack, about to throw it back at the opponent.

A Counter Attack is a type of attack that absorbs Normal Attacks then immediately strikes back at the opponent, but can be easily caught by a Grab Attack. By default, they can be activated by pressing X button + A button. They can be also cancelled into a dash to perform a Counter Attack Dash Cancel.

Despite being available to all fighters, Counter Attacks vary between Pokémon to Pokémon. They can all vary in height, speed, hitbox size, and more.

Mechanics Edit

Unlike Normal and Grab Attacks, Counter Attacks are a bit more complex. They are actually composed of two small mechanics that allow the player to execute such attacks. Once the player presses the X button + A button button, the following processes happen:

Counter armor (absorbing) Edit

This causes the fighter to glow blue and become temporarily invincible against Normal Attacks. Whenever they successfully absorb a Normal Attack, a blue grid-like aura will appear around them.

Counterattacking (hitting) Edit

After a set amount of time, counter armor disappears, and the fighter will immediately retaliate with a counterattack. If this counterattack manages to hit an opponent who is executing a Normal Attack, the fighter will score a Critical Hit, leaving the foe in a crumpled state.

Circumventing the Attack Triangle Edit

Normal Attacks Edit

While strong against Normal Attacks, Counter Attacks will not always guarantee a hit. Before counterattacking, there is a small window of time where the counter armor disappears. If the fighter was hit by an attack during this time, they go into hitstun, therefore failing to execute a counterattack. By this mechanism, a fighter can also be hit outside of their counter if they receive an attack whose active frames are longer than their counter armor's active frames.

Other attacks outright ignore counter armor by having the ability to pierce counters. A few examples are Chandelure's 5A (Will-O-Wisp), Blaziken's enhanced 6A (Blaze Kick), and Emolga's Shock Wave.

Grab Attacks Edit

Counter Attacks usually lose to Grab Attacks if they get hit with a grab. Fortunately, a fighter cannot be grabbed if they stay out of a Grab Attack's range. A counterattack can still hit a fighter performing a grab, but it would not cause a Critical Hit.

Command Counters Edit

In addition to the standard Counter Attack, there are moves with similar properties of Counter Attacks, such as absorbing damage and interacting with other moves as per the Attack Triangle. These moves also share the same blue glow of Counter Attacks and have some unique properties.

Three Pokemon have their Burst Attacks classified as Counter Attacks: namely Suicune, Sceptile, and Weavile.


Move input


Additional effect

Braixen 2A Light Screen Counters any non-piercing projectiles, including beams.
Chandelure f.A or 6A Smog Releases a gray stationary smoke that explodes when cleared.
Charizard f.A or 6A Fire Punch Can transition to Flying Stance.
Garchomp b.A / 4A Stone Edge Plays an extra cutscene when it does a Critical Hit, dealing more damage. 
Gardevoir Dazzling Gleam A follow-up counter move to Calm Mind.
Gengar Charge & release A Sludge Bomb Throws three toxic puddles that lowers the opponent's attack stat.
Lucario 8A Extreme Speed Does an upward-diagonal motion, potentially hitting airborne opponents.
Machamp Charge & release A Scary Face Reduces the opponent's speed.
Mewtwo b.A or 4A Barrier Can transition to other moves such as Telekinesis, Drain Punch, or Confusion.
n.A or 5A Confusion A counter follow-up to Barrier.
f.A or 6A Fire Punch Can transition to Ice Punch then followed up by Thunder Punch.
Pikachu 8A Volt Tackle Does multiple diagonal up-dashes, potentially hitting airborne opponents.
Pikachu Libre 2A Wild Charge Does more damage on grounded opponents.
Midair A Spark
Sceptile f.A or 6A Leaf Blade Hitting the foe with the leading edge deals more damage.
Scizor A Swords Dance Allows the use of more attacks and extended combos.
Shadow Mewtwo A ~ X Psywave: Vortex Can hit opponents in the air, piercing any counters along the way.
Suicune b.A or 4A Mirror Coat Quickly shoots out a stream of water after being activated by a non-piercing projectile, including beams.
Weavile 2A Taunt Proceeds to Night Slash when activated, reducing the opponent's Synergy Gauge.

Trivia Edit

  • Counter Attacks basically hits the opponent the same way as Normal Attacks do, only that counterattacks lack the ability to stop grabs.