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A Gengar absorbing a opponent's attack, about to throw it back at the opponent.

Counter Attacks are a mechanic that can be triggered by default by pressing X + A. Counter Attacks don't do much damage so it's not wise for the player to use them solely for offense. Counter attacks can absorb the damage of the opponent's attacks (it should be noted that all of Chandelure's attacks pierce Counter Attacks) and attack back. You cannot counter attack Burst Attacks and they can be stopped by Blocking or Grabbing. Grab Attacks in particular will perform Critical Hits on Counter Attacks in accordance with the Attack Triangle. Counter Attacks can also be cancelled by the player with Counter Attack Dash Cancelling.

In addition to the standard Counter Attack, there are moves with similar properties of Counter Attacks, such as absorbing damage and interacting with other moves as per the Attack Triangle. These moves also share the same blue glow of Counter Attacks. Some examples of moves with Counter Attack properties are Lucario's Extreme Speed, Garchomp's Stone Edge, and Charizard's Fire Punch.