Classification Fox Pokémon
Type Fire
Implied Gender Female
Style Standard
HP 540
Synergy Gauge Size 150CC
Stance Effects High: Charges Support Gauge.

Low: Avoids High Attacks.

Unlockability Starter
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Braixen is a playable Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament. She is the evolution of Fennekin and can evolve into Delphox. She is known as the Fox Pokémon. Braixen was initially exclusive to the Wii U version of Pokkén, but was added to the arcade version on July 20th, 2016 as part of version A14.

In Pokkén Tournament Edit

Braixen is a Pokémon that is best used at range. She can buff her melee attacks for decent damage, but can also buff her range attacks, leading to better damage. Braixen has certain witch motifs, though she acts in a coquette manner, being brazen at the same time. Using her torch as a fighting stick, magic wand, and broom, she is capable of creating a fiery whip out of her torch. She is tied with Weavile and Gardevoir for the third lowest HP count in the game. Her fighting style is similar to Xianghua/Leixia from the Soul Calibur series. Braixen shares with them the moves Twin Rhythm (Duel Phase X, X) and Vengeful Lian Hua (Field/Duel Phase backwards+X).

Special Characteristics Edit

Support Cancelling Edit

A feature only unique to Braixen is being able to do a support call after certain moves, unlike other characters who require finishing their attack animations before calling a Support Pokémon. This effectively allows her to end her attack prematurely and reduce cool-down time for her every move, essentially cancelling it. Moreover, this ability allows her to link up a combo using a Support Pokémon.

Support Building and Sunny Day Edit

Support Building Edit

Her ability to do cancel moves by calling a support is complemented by another ability unique to her, namely the ability to fill her Support Gauge a bit faster by using any attack move. As such, she can call a support earlier with this ability.

Sunny Day Edit

A move that puts Braixen into a powered-up state, allowing her to perform one enhanced Pokémon move. These enhanced moves are more powerful with enlarged hitboxes and additional properties. Sunny Day also fills Braixen's Support Gauge by a small fraction.

Synergy Burst Edit

Aesthetics Edit

Braixen glows in a light shade of pink with stars and sparkles floating around her, similar to her enhanced state. Her torch obtains a few floating rings near the flame as well.

Character-Specific Burst Mode Effects Edit

On Synergy Burst mode, Braixen moves faster than her standard running speed. Most importantly, all Pokémon moves used in this state are always enhanced, eliminating the an initial need to use Sunny Day to enhance them.

Burst Attack - Psyfirecracker Edit

Braixen shoots out a ribbon-like spiral directly in front of her at a medium range, wrapping the opponent in a ball. She then releases spheres with star and heart motifs, and launches them at the opponent, accompanied with firecracker explosions.

Move ListEdit

Standard Moves Edit

Universal Edit

Input Name Description Notes Damage
X + A Counter Attack Braixen stands on one foot and parries back.
Y + B Grab Attack In field phase, Braixen hits the foe with a screen of light and whips them.

In duel phase, Braixen levitates the opponent and smashes them with a big screen of light.

Fills the support gauge and enhances one Pokémon move. 90 (Field Phase)

80 (Duel Phase)

Jump + Y Midair Weak Attack Braixen tosses one to four fireballs in the air.
Forward + Y Ranged Attack Braixen uses her torch as a boomerang, hitting the foe multiple times. Causes crumple when all hits do not connect. Can cancel certain projectiles.
Back + Y Backwards Weak Attack Braixen uses her torch as a golf club and throws a fireball in an arc.

In duel phase, only the charged version can throw a fireball.

In Pokken Tournament DX, the uncharged version can now throw a light-damaging fireball.

Chargeable. In Field Phase, its direction can be changed by holding either left or right in the d-pad.
Back + X Back Strong Attack Braixen slides back to gain momentum and thrusts the opponent. Causes crumple. Support cancel-able.
Jump + X Midair Strong Attack Braixen smashes the ground with her torch. Can be charged.
Jump + R Midair Dash Braixen rides on her torch like a flying broomstick. Can transition to all midair attacks. Direction of flight can be changed by pressing a direction.

Field Phase Edit

Input Name Description Notes Damage
Y Ranged Attack Braixen tosses three fireballs.
Left/Right + Y Side Ranged Attack Braixen tosses fire fireballs while running sideways.
X, X, X Homing Attack Braixen runs to the opponent and kicks them, and hits them with her torch twice. Support cancel-able in Pokken Tournament DX.

Duel Phase Edit

Input Name Description Notes Damage
Y, Y, Y Weak Attack Braixen jabs and hits the opponent three times. Support cancel-able and can be linked up with Pokémon moves.
Up + Y High Stance Weak Attack Braixen sweeps the space above her with her torch. Anti-air. Support cancel-able. Can combo into certain moves in Pokken Tournament DX.
Down + Y Low Stance Weak Attack Braixen sweeps the opponent's feet with her foot.
X, X Strong Attack Braixen pirouettes and hits the opponent. On the second hit, she swings her torch downwards, smashing the foe on the ground. Support cancel-able.
Up + X High Stance Strong Attack Braixen hops, spinning her torch and damaging the opponent multiple times Evades low stance moves. Can be cancelled by pressing A at the right moment.
Down + X Low Stance Strong Attack Braixen gets low on the ground and swipes the opponent's feet with her torch. Support cancel-able. Avoids high stance moves. In Pokken Tournament DX, the window of time needed to evade certain mid-air attacks has been decreased.

Pokémon Moves Edit


Name Notes Enhanced Effect Damage
A Psybeam Direction can be changed with the D-pad in Field Phase. Can be setup by holding A. Two beams are shot instead of one. 50
Hold A Sunny Day Enhances the power of the following A move. Increases Support Gauge. Boosts the attack stat for five seconds. Boost time stacks over repeated use. 0
Forward + A Fire Spin Chargeable. Trajectory can be changed with the D-Pad in Field Phase. Stops opponent. Can now launch opponents when it connects. 74-102
Back + A Fire Blast Can combo into Sunny Day if B is pressed after input. Power increases with distance. Power increases on a shorter distance. 95
A (Midair) Flame Charge Small explosions now appear after the initial move. 80
Up + A Flame Thrower Can combo into Sunny Day if B is pressed after input. Enlarges the hitbox and hits the opponent more times than usual. 108
Down + A Light Screen Can combo into Sunny Day if B is pressed after input. Defends against and counters ranged attacks. Adds two more discs of light, increasing its range. 20
Burst Attack Psyfire-cracker Pierces counters. Maxes out Support Gauge. 185

Version historyEdit


  • Backward ranged attack guard breaks less easily.
  • Strong attack made to allow for combos on grounded opponents more easily.
  • Fire Spin made to guard break less easily.
  • Flame Charge can be avoided less easily.
  • Glitch fixed that prevented Braixen from being able to jump out of Light Screen.
  • Midair dash modified.
  • Glitch fixed that causes Support Pokémon to be unable to be called after burst attack.
  • Burst attack no longer guard breaks.
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