Lucario blocking an attack.

Blocking is a main mechanic in Pokkén Tournament that is activated by pressing the R button. This mechanic allows the player to avoid taking major damage from damaging moves dealt by the opponent. Just like Counter Attacks or Grabs, blocking mechanics for each fighter slightly varies. Some Pokémon can absorb a lot of damage before breaking, while others can only tolerate a few.

Blocking lies on the same par as Counter Attacks in the Attack Triangle. It resists Normal Attacks but can be bypassed by Grab Attacks. This includes all standard grabs, command grabs, and Burst Attacks with grabbing properties. The grabber is not rewarded with a Critical Hit for catching a blocking opponent, however.

Mechanics Edit

Block damage Edit

Block damage, also known as chip damage, is what the defending fighter receives when absorbing attacks while blocking. Pokémon moves do block damage and all Grab Attacks ignore shields entirely, while Standard moves do not deal any. The defending fighter receives significantly less damage when their block is up. A fighter cannon faint from block damage as they will always survive with 1 HP regardless of the strength of the opposing attack.

Shield health[1] Edit

As the defending fighter receives block damage, their shield also absorbs damage as well. Unlike block damage, standard moves can deplete the health of a shield.

  • Most characters can tolerate 120 units of shield damage before their guard breaks.
  • Empoleon and Scizor's shields are slightly stronger, as they can take 144 units of shield damage.
  • Chandelure, Weavile, and Shadow Mewtwo's shields are a bit weaker, because their shield can only take 100 units of damage.

Do note that shield damage does not go away over time. The heath of a fighter's shield can only be fully restored under the following events:

  • Activating burst mode
  • Getting knocked down into the ground
  • Experiencing a guard break
  • Causing a phase shift

Guard break Edit

If the shield absorbs too much damage, it loses its blue color and eventually turns into a deep red color. Some moves do not cause a Guard Break unless when continued into a combo. Continuously blocking could break the fighter's shield. Once the block shatters, it puts the fighter into a stunned animation, leaving them vulnerable.

Block advantage Edit

Understanding move safety requires a basic understanding on frame data. All moves have a start-up time, active time, and cool-down time. Usually, when an opponent is hit by a move, the attacker generally has the advantage of moving first. On the other hand, if the attacker hits a blocking opponent, the blocker generally gets to move first.

  • Moves that still allow the attacker to move first upon being blocked are generally called as safe moves.
  • Moves that make the blocker act first are termed as unsafe moves, leaving the attacker vulnerable to getting hit.

If the screen flashes a pale yellow color upon finishing an attack, it means that the attacker gets to move much earlier than the opponent.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Version 1.2, Shadow Mewtwo was able to force a Pokémon into infinite blockstun by using its Backwards Ranged Attack followed up by Miracle Eye. Because of this, the opponent cannot do anything other than to block as a result.
    • This was fixed by increasing the endlag between the move and Miracle Eye. If they player were to use the Backward Ranged Attack again, the first light pillar will disappear completely.
  • The frame data for Pokkén Tournament was made by a user named Apple Boom. The frame data for each Pokémon can be found here.

References Edit