Classification Royal Sword
Type Ghost/Steel
Implied Gender Unknown
Style Technique
HP 510
Synergy Gauge Size 200cc
Stance Effects High: Recharges shield and charges synergy

Low: Avoids High and Low attacks

Unlockability Purchased as Downloadable Content
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Aegislash is a Ghost/Steel-type Pokémon native to the Kalos Region, and made its debut in Pokémon X and Y, and is known as the Royal Sword Pokémon. It is the first Battle Pokémon to be added to Pokkén Tournament DX post-launch, being revealed in a Nintendo Direct Mini on January 11th, 2018, and first becoming available as part of Wave 1 of the Pokkén Battle Pack on January 31st, 2018.

Overview Edit

Aegislash is a Technique-style Battle Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament DX. It has been described during its initial reveal as boasting high Attack and Defense, just as in the main series, which implies that its moves deal high damage and that it has a large amount of HP.

Furthermore, it is noted to be able to switch between two different forms, referencing its Stance Change ability in the main series games that enable it to switch between Blade and Shield Form through the use of its signature move King's Shield. This trait, known as Stance Change causes Aegislash to switch between its two Stances not only when using King''s Shield (which exclusively changes it to Shield Stance), but also when attacking, which changes it to Blade Stance and imparts it with status buffs.

The rather drastic difference between its two Stances places added pressure on players to properly time when they shift between stances, but renders Aegislash extremely potent in terms of both offense and defense if this Stance Changing is well-managed.

Special Characteristics Edit

Aegislash is able to switch between a Shield stance and Sword stance, granting access to a second move pool. Shield stance seems to focus more on a ranged, zoning, and "out of my face" playstyle whereas Sword stance allows Aegislash a more aggressive and space heavy playstyle. During Shield stance Aegislash has incredibly reduced movement speed and will automatically trigger King's Shield upon being hit, but constantly has counter armor, leaving Aegislash prone to critical grab attacks.

When switching from Shield stance to Sword stance Aegislash will gain an attack buff, the duration changes depending on which action you used to switch stance: Side/forward/backstep = 3 sec, jump = 7 sec, pokemon moves = 9 sec. Buffs on Aegislash allow access to more devastating attacks, namely (during Sword stance) 5a and 4x.

Aegislash has the unique trait of being incapable of recharging it's shield over time, and instead requires to hold his high stance to be able to charge it. It appears to charge in bursts, completely recharging (from no charge) after 3 bursts, a burst is indicated by the glowing effect shown on Aegislash's shield. It also simultaneously charges the synergy bar, but at an incredibly slow rate. Aegislash's inability to recharge shield also occurs in field phase.

A unique ability to Aegislash is Parry, by pressing shield and forward simultaneously Aegislash will bash his shield forward, giving a very short window to counter attacks (Not projectiles) but rather than immediately launching a counter attack it places the opponent in a brief hitstun, allowing Aegislash a chance to choose a followup combo.

Aegislash's Shield Stance involves a reliance on long-range projectiles. Furthermore, in this stance, Aegislash loses the ability to Guard entirely. However, in exchange, it gains armor against incoming attacks that is always active, regardless of button inputs. It appears the armor in question is Counter Armor, and so presumably it will still be overcome by Grab Attacks.

Dash stepping out of Shield stance will cause Aegislash to become invisible, becoming invincible until reappearing.

Synergy Burst Edit

Aesthetics Edit

It is currently unknown what specific colour predominates Aegislash's Burst Mode aura besides the usual rainbow accents. However, based on the Burst Mode of the other Ghost-type Pokémon in the game, it may be presumed it will be purple in colour. Aegislash's Burst Attack and typing may also suggest its aura will be predominated by gold.

Character-Specific Burst Mode Effects Edit

It is currently unknown what unique effects Aegislash's Burst Mode brings with it. However, it appears likely it will involve Aegislash's Stance Change trait.

Burst Attack - Underworld Ruler Edit

Aegislash initiates its Burst Attack

Aegislash's Burst Attack is a Counter-Attack that begins with Aegislash reverting to Shield Stance, then plunging the tip of its blade into the ground and firing a long-range purple energy beam from its shield. Should the beam connect, the Burst Attack begins.

Aegislash then summons golden stones that envelop the opponent in a sphere. After this, its eye flashes red and a shadowy hand equips Aegislash's blade while another holds its shield. Aegislash then extends and glows gold with sparks coming from its hilt, before being swung downward and bisecting the sphere to deal damage..

Aegislash prepares to launch its Burst Attack
Following the use of this Burst Attack, Aegislash switches to Blade Stance and gains an Attack Buff. However, it is unknown if this only occurs when the Burst Attack succeeds (as some Battle Pokemon, like Blaziken, receive a buff regardless of the outcome of their attack).

Aegislash has 2 different methods of landing it's Synergy burst attack, depending on which stance it is currently in. Sword stance will call down a series of ghost swords that spin in a circle around Aegislash. Shield stance will cause Aegislash to fire a laser from it's shield, this move hits across the field. any more than ~10m will still cause a hit but will not trigger the full Synergy burst attack.

It is worth noting that a Shield stance synergy burst attack will deal 220 damage, 10 damage more than the Sword stance synergy burst attack at 210.

Move List Edit

As Aegislash has yet to be made officially playable, a full Move List cannot yet be produced. However, all the moves demonstrated in its initial reveal trailer and screenshots are shown in the Gallery below, after which numbered descriptions corresponding to each image may be found.

Moves Shown So Far Edit

Move Descriptions Edit

  1. A Duel Phase Three-Part Combo in which it slashes horizontally, upward, and then downward. It appears the combo itself gives Aegislash a buff (presumably to its Attack).
  2. A Duel Phase Ground Pound that involves Aegislash slamming its blade into the ground while releasing a blue energy wave upward from its hilt. This also produces a shockwave from the impact with the ground.
  3. A Duel Phase Shield Rush that can be used as a follow-up to an initial Horizontal Slash. It is worth noting that Aegislash's Duel Phase Ground Pound (the previously pictured move) causes the opponent to ground bounce, which allows Aegislash to directly combo into this Shield Rush.
  4. A Duel Phase Shield Bash that emits a blue shockwave and pushes the opponent back. This may or may not be Aegislash's King's Shield attack, and appears to be used in response to an incoming attack to defend against it. It is unknown whether this requires a dedicated button input as a Pokémon move, or if Aegislash's ordinary Block input will produce this effect as a trait unique to Aegislash.
  5. A Duel Phase Shield Light Projection, yet another move which may be King's Shield. Aegislash shines light from its shield to project an image of the pattern from its shield onto the opponent. This inflicts the opponent with a debuff, presumably of their Attack stat.
  6. A Duel Phase Horizontal Energy Beam(Flash Cannon). Aegislash positions itself horizontally and places the tip of its blade behind its shield, then spins to fire a purple energy beam. Visually reminiscent of the Field Phase Long-Range Energy Beam.
  7. A Duel Phase Anti-Air Laser fired from Aegislash's eye.
  8. A Field Phase Long-Range Laser, also fired from Aegislash's eye. Appears to have very little start-up lag.
  9. A Field Phase Long-Range Energy Beam that unearths the battlefield as it fires across the stage. Based on the fact the ground appears unearthed near the base of its blade, its possible Aegislash may start by slamming itself into the ground before firing. Visually reminiscent of Flash Cannon
  10. A Field Phase Spin Attack that surrounds Aegislash with horizontally spinning blades shrouded in darkness. This forms a damage radius around Aegislash that prevents enemy approach.
  11. A Field Phase Blade Beam then sends a flaming, orange energy wave at the opponent and causes a Phase Shift. Based on the movesets of other Battle Pokémon, this may be its Forward Pokémon move in Field Phase. Poorly visible in the reveal trailer due to being obscured by a partially-transparent text box at the time.

Version History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When Aegislash calls a Support Pokemon, it poses upright while holding its shield behind its back, and resting its other arm over its chest. This is reminiscent of the posture knights have been depicted to adopt when standing in front of the royals they serve.
Aegislash Support Pokemon Stance

Aegislash's Support Pokemon summoning pose.

  • This is the first instance in which Aegislash has been shown to perform attacks from its eye.
  • In the Pokemon XY&Z Anime, Aegislash's only appearance indicates that it has a metallic-sounding voice. It is unclear whether the game will emulate this vocal choice as of yet.
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